Entry #3


2010-05-02 08:34:14 by 07mariokirby

Ok so Im trying to get some ideas for a series of mine so heres an idea. You know what shy guys are right, now picture with guns in a war fighting heartless (dark monsters found in kingdom hearts). So what do you think? Also dont forget to express your Idea.


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2010-05-02 08:35:29

So Shyguys vs. heartless with guns? That sounds like a soild idea to me.

07mariokirby responds:

I think all ideas can be improved. Also the shy guys will use giant mecha suit, I think that would be awesome =). BTW I think shy guys are awesome.


2010-05-02 09:33:14

I think Shyguy's are AWESOME too! i even created a fan charcter named Ninja Guy. he's a ninja Shyguy.

07mariokirby responds:

Cool I should make a fan made shy guy to =)


2010-05-02 10:46:19

I'll let you use Ninja Guy! it's not like i can use flash so go wild with him. altough i don't have a sprtie sheet for him...


2010-05-02 11:06:59

i think i smell hit and 5's

07mariokirby responds:

*sniffs* smells like fresh daisies lol.


2010-05-02 14:15:33

Sounds like a pretty good story. also ingore Shyguydude. he's a bit crazy and annoying. So what do you think you name the series?
Will Mariokirby be in it?

07mariokirby responds:

I was thinking the series could be called "Stolen Heart", but now im thinking that doesn't seem like a very good title. Also MarioKirby will be in the series.


2010-05-04 02:03:24

sounds like a great plan, can wait to see it in action. also, i love your mariokirby character. i am a big fan of both, and you fused them together quite nicely, so kudos to you. one last thing, your sprite movies remind me somewhat of another author's sprite movies, you may have heard of them, they are DestructionSeries and LoneAlchemist who also do sprite kirby flashes. just saying, your work is very well done


2010-05-04 02:05:13

sorry for double post, but i forgot to add why you remind me of them in particular, its because they also use unique kirby charaters, like your mimi and mage, they have ones like aege and saito

07mariokirby responds:

Im aware of DS and LA, im kind of fan of there flashes and they kind of inspired me to do my own. Also thanks for the compleiment lol =)


2010-05-31 13:15:38

I like the idea and all,but can you make a preview or somthing =)

07mariokirby responds:

Fine. i'll put somthin up later.